ZOOX is a US based company founded in 2014, which develops driverless car solutions especially dedicate to the creation of autonomous fleet of rob-taxis.

We were able to discover ZOOX while browsing among the most relevant companies with technology capabilities in the field of Driverless car and Autonomous Vehicle technologies.

In 2014 Zoox main capabilities were residing in the Electric Communication and Computing files and they were yet to enter the vehicle technology space.

We used InnoSenze to understand in 2014 what were the most likely domains that Zoox could have acquired (purple color) during the subsequent years based on their knowledge at the time of inception.

We noticed how after one-year ZOOX acquired 6 Domains of the 10 suggested by InnoSenze proving that the company is indeed growing following a path coherent with the prior know-how knowledge.

Such behavior manifested by companies, particularly when in the early stage of growth, is something investor look for in order to have a degree of certainty on the future direction of the company and thus reduce possible headwinds to the scaling process.

Nonetheless ZOOX, after manifesting such predictable growth behavior started to receive conspicuous investment rounds, amounting at the time to circa $300M.

Following optimal technology acquisition paths, especially in early growth stage companies is crucial for achieving internal goals and attract capital given the reduced uncertainty based on efficient use of the resources within a company.